Here's what some of our happy clients have to say about Fitlife Sports Massage...

  • "Friendly, knowledgable staff who go the extra mile and are genuinely interested in the wellbeing of their clients. I have definitely noticed a difference since coming here." - Chris Barty

  • "Tanya knows how to find the source of the pain and then exactly how to treat it. Extremely knowledgeable and professional." - Michelle Zoethout

  • "It's been 12 months of receiving a weekly deep tissue massage at the mercy of Tanya's hands and my body has never felt better. Even with the extremely physically repetitive nature of my work plus weight training there has never been an issue I've had with any muscle strains aches or tightness that haven't been remedied by her incredible ability to pin point the problem. I highly recommend Tanya and her staff for any muscle related problems." - Luke Noble

  • "Simon was excellent, he fixed up my shoulder issue in a half hour session and I haven't had issues since. This was a reoccurring issue which caused problems with my forearms that prevented me from pole dancing. Could not be more grateful!" - Daniel Coultas

  • "In five minutes Tanya fixed a painful problem which was causing daily pain. Great understanding of ergonomics in the workplace!! Go here!!!!" - Shane McKeogh

  • "I have been coming to Fitlife for around a year and today came in to see Micheala at Cannington for an emergency appointment following a frustrating knee injury while exercising on the weekend (the mind was willing, but the body just didn't play ball!). What I love about Fitlife is the professionalism and knowledge of Tanya and her staff. Micheala is no exception to this. She explained the treatment and my injury in terms I could understand.  Always feel very confident that I am in good hands."- Mark Hubbard

  • "I have been a client for over a year now and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I had been dealing with shoulder injuries for the last 6 years, I tried everything and nothing seemed to work. Once I started seeing Tanya at Fitlife everything changed. I have since learned how to listen to my body and improve my mobility which has helped improve my training significantly in all areas and now I am happier and healthier than ever. I now believe if you are exercising you NEED to be getting regular massages and learning how to listen to your body. Tanya and the team are the people you need to see for that so stop thinking about it and just do it! It will change your life." - John Cordwell