What is remedial massage?

In this blog series, we continue to look in closer details at the types of treatment primarily used at Fitlife Sports Massage. Every few weeks, we will cover a different modality.

Up this week is Remedial Massage…

If you were to search on Google, you’d find a wide range of definitions for remedial massage.

We like to think of it as the assessment and treatment of muscle, tendon and fascia dysfunction - that is, we find the original reason for the pain and address both symptoms and cause of the problem.

The goal of remedial massage is to create a “favourable environment” within the body in order for a patient to heal after injury. You could think of it as giving back the body a blank slate; and reducing/reversing physical injury.

An initial appointment will involve a thorough assessment of the client, including testing for range of motion and muscle function around the injured area. This is essential in order for the therapist to choose the most appropriate treatment techniques.

A remedial massage therapist will aim to re-balance the tension and tone of muscles and tendons so that bones can be restored to their correct position and blood flow can increase - which helps injuries heal faster.

At Fitlife Sports Massage, we use remedial massage for an almost endless list of conditions but mostly for people experiencing neck or shoulder pain and restricted movement, and lower back and knee pain issues. All of these conditions can be associated with either repetitive activity - through sports or work, or hours seated (often at a desk with poor posture) with very little movement at all.

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