How to avoid injury before a triathlon

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Triathlon season is just around the corner!

Now is the time to make sure you that you don’t injure yourself in your final preparations before a triathlon. Unfortunately, we see this all the time here at Fitlife Sports Massage - a week or two out from the big day and suddenly “BAM!” you’ve blown a hammie, knee or ankle and there goes all your hard work!

You could risk getting injured… or you could follow our tips on how to care for your body before a triathlon...

(This advice applies to anyone but ESPECIALLY to those doing a longer event for the first time).

Warm up and cool down

This includes stretches (and heads up - that five seconds of ‘bouncy’ forward bending probably isn’t enough!)

Drink all the water

Spend a couple of weeks hydrating - your body will love you for it! That means three litres a day, people.

Give yourself at least one session of self recovery per week

Even the busiest person can find thirty minutes in a week to jump on the roller, sit on a ball and rub in some deep heat. Don’t know how to engage in a self recovery session? Book a 30 minute stretch session and we will teach you how!

Invest in a deep tissue sports massage…

… and book one that concentrates purely on your feet, legs and lower back. This should be done six to seven days before the event (no later than three days before).

This is, ahem, just the kind of thing we excel at… just sayin’...

Taper off your training in the week leading up to the event

That means slow down, pull back on the kms, don’t try anything new and don’t buy new shoes to wear on race day.

Take advantage of the free massages that are offered at the race location on the day

It’s a great way to head off some of the inevitable aches and pains and well worth standing in line for.

Book a post event recovery treatment

This should take place around three-five days after the event. You can do that here.

Don’t stop now

Find another event and keep training!

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