Meet Erika!

Her hobbies are as numerous and as varied as her favourite massage techniques... meet our new team member, Erika!

Want to know more? Of course you do! Over to Erika...

My background

I’ve got a background in the hospitality industry, having being in charge of quality procedures for hotel chains at Disneyland Paris.

But I’ve also been working with kids since I was a teenager as a school holiday camp instructor and as a helper at after school sessions reading for kids whose first language was not French.

As a former ballet dancer with more than ten years of practice under my belt, I’ve got a good understanding of body motions, muscle actions and physical self-care.

I moved to Australia eight years ago and have been a remedial massage therapist for six years now.

Why I choose to go into massage therapy

I myself had functional issues with my back for quite a while and a very skilled massage therapist worked with me to alleviate the problem. I was very grateful for it.

I also have a natural willingness to help others and I decided to study remedial massage therapy in order to help people with their physical wellbeing, whilst also incorporating my existing knowledge acquired by years of dancing.

I love working as a remedial massage therapist and am fueled by passion and intuition.

My favourite preferred techniques

Deep tissue, trigger points and stretch, myofascial, manual lymphatic drainage and pregnancy massage.

My massage specialities:

  • Lower back and neck pain

  • Post-operation rehabilitation

  • Degenerative joint diseases and chronic challenging illness

  • Manual lymphatic drainage (post-surgery treatment and specific conditions)

  • Pregnancy pre and postnatal.

  • Stress headaches

  • Postural imbalance (kyphotic, lorditic, scoliosis).

  • Trauma post-injury (e.g. car accidents)

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Cancer patients

  • Massage for children

Personal interests

I’ve been a student of yoga and meditation for 15 years and love to practice both on my own and within a group. I find it hugely beneficial to all aspects of my life. I also do a lot of Pilates and dancing is still very close to my heart - especially Latin dancing!

I’m also a real nature lover and love trekking and horse riding with my family. I also love swimming and diving and have recently got into stand up paddleboarding.

I’ve just started a course for teaching kids’ yoga in a fun way using music. I’m currently implementing my learnings at home and plan to deliver classes at schools and as part of Fitlife’s wellness services.

I’ve also recently got into wind surfing and stand up paddling, which is great for balance and muscle strength.

Finally, I’m teaching French conversation classes to families and I’m learning piano again with my five-year-old daughter!

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